Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zodiac again, I know 10/07

I know, I know, there are lots of routes so why repeat one many times? Because it is so damn classic! Once again I team up with my good friend Lance for another crack at the route.
By now I have this thing super dialed and Lance offers to let me lead the whole thing to see how fast we can go. Per usual we hike up and get a restless night's sleep at the base. We wake around 7 am and get going quickly to maximize daylight. We're climbing by 8 am and cruising! Again we take a break on top of the black tower to power up and get our heads straight. Other than that I never see lance! I backclean too much and he has to do some crazy swings but other than that no epics. We cruise the route in 8:30 flat and are on top by 4:30 pm. We scramble to get our shit packed so we can spray to all of our friends in daylight!

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