Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yosemite 2007, the beginning

The 2007 season began with its most arduous push, the 3000 mile drive form eastern Kentucky. After many Red Bull's, coffee and peanut butter sandwiches Matt Thomsen and myself finally arrived in Yosemite at 1 AM. After cracking our victory beers, we walked to the tree in El Cap meadow to get our first moonlight glimpse of the captain. We cautiously approached a writhing mess of crashpads and sleeping bags. We gave a requisite monkey call to determine friend or foe from the pile of gear and slowly a dirty, bearded face emerged to return the call. Our monkey calls were greeted by no other than Bobo Dave! He clamored out of the cocoon to greet us with a toothy grin only to expose the true reason for the illegal bivouvac, a blonde was hiding under the covers! After introductions all around and quick updates on our whereabouts we sat and watched the glorious moonlight captain until sleep deprivatoin made fools of us all. After quietly 4th-grading his beer, Bobo and his mistress slipped into the darkness for a more secluded view. Drained by our 36 hour adventure, Matt and myself took no more than one sip and we both quickly slipped into sleep, our plans for the season vividly running through our foggy minds.

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