Tuesday, February 19, 2008

H-Dizzle again, 9/07

After the tempest I didn't rest at all. The day after topping out I went to the base to clean up and retrieve gear as well as accompany Ivo as he started. The day after that I went up top and carried down my second load from the tempest. One days rest and then Corbin and I set off to climb H-Dizzle!
Its cool for me to climb with people my own age as it doesn't happen all that often. Corbin is 2 years younger than me and just as stoked to climb. We decided on half dome since we had just done the nose together.
We didn't leave the cafeteria until almost noon on the day we blasted, coffee has a strong grip on us both. We then rode our bikes to mirror lake. I felt sorry for Corbin who has a homemade low rider chopper bike he made himself. While it looks cool, energy efficiency is not quite the result. We ran up to the base via the death slabs and got ready to go again.
This time I lead the start and got 8 pitches before getting held up by a team and then running out of rack. We stopped and swapped leaders here and kept simuling until big sandy. There we swapped leaders again and I took over to the top. Half Dome's regular route has got to be my favorite route in the world! We summited at dark and ran down by moonlight to the base and our waiting shoes.
At the base we ran into some super cool dudes from the canary islands. Rasta looking dudes and nice as hell. They gave us food and water and then sleeping bags for the night! Awesome guys, they left us early in the am to start the route themselves. After the sun came up and warmed us, we slowly gathered up our stuff and headed down very tired but very happy. 6 hours on route ain't bad either.

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