Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bugaboos, 8/09

After attending the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City, I traveled to Canada's beautiful Bugaboos Provincial Park for the whole month of August. I managed to convince my bro Dave Turner to come along at the last second as I passed by his house in Sacramento. We flew into Calgary and were met by our friend Nathan who was giving us a ride to the park. He was also along to document some of our climbing for a film he is making about bold climbing.

We were surprised at how heinous the hike to Applebea Campground, especially with the 100+ lb loads we were both carrying. After the initial carry we only had to get 2 more loads from the car. Those were a little lighter! We then proceeded to post up in camp for the rest of the month.

The weather in the park is rumored to be horrible, also called the Poor Man's Patagonia. Much to our suprise it was super hot, almost 100 F when we arrived.

For this trip I was awarded a Mountain Fellowship grant from the American Alpine Club. These guys rock and are doing their best to put young aspiring alpinists such as myself in the mountains to gain experience. I strongly encourage you all to join the AAC not only for their grant program but because they are an awesome organization worthy of your support. I wrote a piece for their website about my Bugaboo trip, check it out...

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